Have you made adequate provisions

for your various life-stage commitments and your retirement income ?

Now is the time for you to save as much as possible and stay on track taking advantage of key savings and contribution strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. Take our quick retirement test to estimate your monthly savings requirement for happy retired life.

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Assuming the inflation of % p.a.

Present monthly value of your Retirement Need will become

Rs. {{ annuity_future | number: 2 }} per month
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In order to provide yourself the annunity of Rs. {{ annuity_future | number : 2 }} pm you require following fund value on your retirement day

Assumed Rate of returns after Retirement
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Your traget Retirement corpus is Rs. {{ retirement_corpus | number : 2 }}
How to build this retirement corpus

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Your target amount
INR {{ retirement_corpus | number : 2 }}
You need to save
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No. of Installments

{{ageofretirement.value * 12 }}

Assumed Rate of returns
% per annum

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