What is your wealth target ?

In what time you want to achive this wealth?


What is your expected cost of this Goal

based on current value


How much money have you already saved for this Goal?

Approx rate of growth of this fund 12% per annum

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Welath target (With inflation)
INR {{(pv*(Math.pow((1+(inflation.value/100)), tenurewealth.value)))-sv | number:2}}
Savings requirement
INR {{((pv*(Math.pow((1+(inflation.value/100)), tenurewealth.value)))-sv)/(((Math.pow((1+((rateofreturn.value/100)/12)), tenurewealth.value*12))-1) / ((rateofreturn.value/100)/12)) | number:2}} Per Month

Assuming the inflation of % p.a.

your monthly requirement for this goal is

Assumed Rate of returns
% per annum

How to achieve this goal